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About Julie

Vocal Qualities

Cool, calm, confident, with a touch of wry.

As a Girl Scout, Julie was the MC for a summer production and had a blast keeping the show going with wry comments. She's an easy laugh and appreciates both low-brow and high-brow humor, and of course, great stories and characters with depth.

Narration Credits 
 Heart's Revenge
 Expert Book Reviews  (4)
 Green Smoothies (with Michael Sears)

Audiography - Featured Credits


Heart's Revenge: written by Michael Jasper. A tale of ghosts and mystery, with characters from the past and present.

She Didn't Say No: A short story by Charmaine Gordon - Love lost, love found, love part deaux.

Chimeric Machines: Poetry from Lucy A. Snyder - at times soft, yet muscular, always erudite, and so evisceratingly intelligent  - yeah, I had to look that up too.