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About Michael

Vocal qualities:

Warm, smooth tones, yet projects with authority and executive confidence when needed. Think businessman, battlefields, or kickin' back with an artisan crafted beer.

As a 15 year old, Mike did a turn as a DJ in Savannah GA, and although he has since had lots of expensive education and a long career in high tech in the Silicon Valley, his first love has always been being in front of a mic.

Audiography - Featured Credits

5minutesample_Green Smoothie 101_

Green Smoothies: by Lucy Johnson - get healthy, expand your palette of smoothie concoctions


Origins of the Modern World: by Robert B. Marks  - learn some new facts, challenge your knowledge of history


Knight's Big Easy: Gordon Kessler's first of the E Z Knight Reports - lots of action, some humor and lovely ladies.


Catch the Sky: by Darryl Kimball, with Allen Duffin - Follow Darryl's path to becoming a police helicopter pilot - a tale of hard work, study, and perseverance.